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Welcome To My Website

Ive been hanging around the internet for a number of years, although when I was a child we couldn't afford dial up, so I was a late comer. However we did have a family computer, this gave me many years of exploring and hours of entertainment. Over time I began making programs using visual basic and C, albeit very rudementry ideas and only for me as a kid back then. Im not a hacker or computer programer, personally I disagree with such titles and ego endorsing stimuli. There are just people that do programming and people that hack, just as there people that cure diseases and people who defend people in court. Dont get me wrong however, I was definitely one who idolised hackers and wanted to 'become' one myself. In my years ive come to learn more about myself and the emptyness of ego through my experiences. It is these experiences both past and present that I will be sharing on this site, my personal account of the real world, both in the physical and digital.